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Hebe Tien

Tien Fu-chen, more commonly known as Hebe, is a Taiwanese singer, actress and host, notable as a member of the Taiwanese pop girl group S.H.E.


Hebe Tien was encouraged to participate in the show 'Cruel Stage' by its workers. During the first round, her voice started breaking while singing 'Return Home'. Hebe decided to sing a song with a lower key in the final round.

However, because she was unfamiliar with that song, which happens to be Singaporean singer Kit Chan's "Loving You" or "Xi Huan Ni" , she forgot about ten seconds worth of lyrics in the finals, messing up her performance.

Nonetheless, the manager appreciated her straight personality and powerful vocals. Therefore, Hebe became part of S.H.E, and along with Selina Ren and Ella Chen, were signed under the Taiwanese record label HIM International Music.


*During her career with S.H.E, Hebe has sung two solo songs for her band's albums, "Too Much" and "Someone Loves You Instead of Me" ; both songs are on S.H.E's first album, '''' .

*For two Taiwanese drama soundtracks, Hebe recorded two solos, namely "Ferris Wheel" , for the , and ''Too Late'' , for the Bull Fighting Soundtrack.

*Hebe has sung a modified version of ''Love Has Come'' for the show Bull Fighting's Episode 14. The video can be viewed here:


*Hebe was the featured artiste in 's song, "Only Have Feelings For You" . The song was initially recorded for the Tokyo Juliet OST , but has found a place in Fahrenheit's first album, which is self-titled.

*Hebe and Fahrenheit's duet has also been featured in several of S.H.E's concerts, notably in S.H.E's Singapore 2007 'Moving Castle' Concert as well as S.H.E's Taipei 'Moving Castle' Concert 2006.

*At the 2007 Sprite Music Hong Kong Awards, "Only Have Feelings For You" earned Fahrenheit and Hebe the award for Taiwan's Best Duet Song.

Concert Solos and Duets

*Hebe played a drum solo as one of the segments of the Perfect 3 World Tour concerts.

*Hebe has also done several solo songs for S.H.E's concerts, including ''She's The One'' by Robbie Williams, "Xuan Mu" or 旋木 by Faye Wong, as well as Na Ying's "Meng Xing Le" , which was also later covered by Faye Wong.

*Hebe also sang "Gotta Love" with Wilber Pan during S.H.E's China portion of their Perfect 3 World Tour.


TV Appearances and Hosting Experiences

*Hebe has appeared on Taiwanese television before she became a celebrity, when she was a 16 years old girl on Jacky Wu's Guess Guess Guess show, where she also showed her ability to play the flute.

*Hebe has also hosted 'Guess Guess Guess' as well as 'Happy Sunday' along with her bandmates.

Guest Appearances on Other Artistes' Music Videos

*Hebe has appeared on Z-Chen's ''Cap Girl'' MV, where she is the female character in the video.

*Hebe has also appeared in Jay Chou's MV for ''Tui Hou'' from his ''Still Fantasy'' Album.

Music Compositions

*In S.H.E's 3rd album ''The Genesis'' , Hebe wrote the rap lyrics for the song 你快樂我隨意 ''Ni Kuai Le Wo Sui Yi''.

*In S.H.E's 10th album ''Play'', Hebe wrote the lyrics for the song ''Say You Love Me'' .

*In the ''Bull Fighting'' Original Soundtrack, Hebe wrote the lyrics for the song ''Not Enough Time'' .

Product Endorsements

*Hebe is the official spokesperson for the Swedish Dental Company Nobel Biocare in all of Asia.


*Hebe is able to play the piano and had learnt to play for seven years when she was a child. In fact, she plays the piano solo at the beginning of the music video for "What has happened to us" .

*Hebe stars in the successful drama ''Bull Fighting'' starring Mike He and Lee Wei as the male leads, and Hebe is playing a landlord's daughter. The idol drama has ended its successful run in both Taiwan and Singapore, and the hit show is currently being shown in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

*Hebe is a part-owner of a Mexican-American restaurant named Sunny Day in her hometown, Hsinchu City that is operated by her elder brother.

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